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16.10.06 20:42

Four weddings and an auction

An interesting discussion here about auction theory and how it might apply to Christian women’s attitude to finding a partner. In short, it suggests two options:

“if you run an English auction you go out with many people, if not simultaneously then relatively closely bunched in time, and you stick with the one who offers the most. If you run a Dutch auction you signal clearly your standards (lowering the standards over time if need be), and stick with the first person who bites”

Not sure why the author is so obsessed with the attitude of Christian women only. There is clearly a missing piece of economic research which should cover men and women of other faiths.

I challenge any man to discuss the intricacies of this theory with their better half and come away unscathed.

Flog It! will never be the same again


12.10.06 20:50

Moving Home

I have decided to move my blog.  I've been impressed with blogs written with Wordpress, and wanted my own domain name.  So, please change your bookmarks to the following:

I will 'double' blog here and on the new site for a week or so, while I make the move. 


12.10.06 08:51


Check out Glossop resident Wayne Fontana's website for a bizarre tale of police, paranoia, abusive letters to credit card companies, and an obsession with paedophiles.  A walking Daily Mail with Tourette's.

Wayne Fontana was a sixties pop star with his group, The Mindbenders.  He could not have forseen how apt that name would be, so many years later. 

9.10.06 18:05


The Government has just announced that the ID card scheme will cost £5.4bn to set up and run for the first ten years of its operation.  Half a billion a year.

This is in line with previous government costings, i.e. a vast underestimate which is disbelieved by anyone who has come close to a government IT contract over the past decade.

Well, at least the Government’s reasoning behind ID cards is becoming clearer.  It’s all about immigration.  The older arguments are falling by the wayside, so we can now see the scheme for what it is.  Here is my mocked-up version of an ID card that can provide the same information required by the Government, at a much reduced cost.





9.10.06 12:45

Jamie Oliver recommends...

...these tasty-looking snacks from the States (where else?)

Yes, it's a sausage. Wrapped in pancake batter. Sprinkled with chocolate chips. On a stick.

For more like this, visit the Junk Food Blog. Just don't do it on a full stomach.

Right, I'm off for a week's holiday. New entries dependent on internet access in mid-Wales, and whether I can be arsed. Although Tory Conference is always worth a laugh or two.

P.S. Just noticed that, with this as the top entry of the blog, Juvenal appears to be looking longingly at the American artery-clogger and about to say, "I'll have three of those please" 


30.9.06 06:58

A farewell appearance by the PM

An enjoyable, yet slightly odd evening yesterday, ending with a sighting of Tony Blair on the streets of Manchester.

I went into Manchester last night to hook up with the Bloggers4Labour crowd - thanks to B4L for setting it up.

This was my first meeting with other bloggers. It’s a rather strange experience, having introduced yourself by name, to then have to give your blog pseudonym as if you’re part of some secret society. Anyway, a very cheerful and friendly bunch, with some helpful advice dispensed.

I had expected to stay longer, but got a call from an old friend (an ex-SPAD) who was up for conference, so we headed to the delightful bar in the Palace Hotel over the road. The place was crawling with police – Tony was in the ballroom of the hotel attending a reception for Arab ambassadors. So we whiled away an hour or so, with the press coming and going, and got a quick chat with a member of the Number Ten communications team. All very gossipy, and nothing I’m allowed to blog about. Shame.

Anyway, we leave the hotel to go our separate ways, when there’s quite a commotion and the Great Man himself comes out of the hotel and goes to his car. I’m useless with the camera on my phone but, for posterity – on the day of his last, great speech to Conference as leader – here is the back of Tony Blair’s head:

It doesn’t get much better than that. I was surprised at how close we were able to get, and his exit from the hotel drew the students out of the pub opposite to give him a barracking. All very surreal for Manchester.

I haven’t been in close proximity to TB since 2001, when I was involved in one of his foreign visits, and I had forgotten about the size of the entourage and the buzz of feeling close to the centre of power. He’s really going to miss all that when he’s gone.

Finally, when the motorcade had sped off, and seen by almost no one, Lord Levy emerged from the hotel and darted across the road to his car.

As I said, all very odd.

27.9.06 09:36

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